ProperyPilot contains extensive ownership, comparable sales, assessment and foreclosure data for millions of properties. Our platform leverages this information to provide real-time estimated market values based on an analysis of recently sold, comparable properties through our Automated Valuation Model (AVM).
This data provides lenders with an instant snapshot of a property’s history and current market value during the underwriting process. 
PropertyPilot combines focused search capabilities with automated marketing tools, allowing lenders to identify retail or commercial banking customers within a defined area using custom search criteria. Use property value, zip code, property type and much more to generate a targeted list of property owners. 
Targeted mailing can be a time-consuming, laborious process. With PropertyPilot, your organization can completely automate mail campaigns. Your team can generate personalized refinance offers to thousands of property owners without ever leaving PropertyPilot’s platform using our integrated mailhouse service.
PropertyPilot contains useful portfolio maintenance features and automaticly generated reports. For example, metrics, such as Loan-To-Value, can be tracked daily across an entire portfolio using up to date market values. Using PropertyPilot’s layering tools, lenders can visualize portfolios on a digital parcel map. Users can upload and assign documents, images and contact information to individual properties.
Employees can easily access critical documents and share data between departments with dynamic forms. PropertyPilot can be used to view multiple map layers such as property classes, FEMA flood zones, wetlands areas and known contaminated sites for a quick property analysis.

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With PropertyPilot, get quick access to sales comparables, assessment records and foreclosure data. Leverage our robust research, marketing and risk management tool set to originate more loans and lend intelligently.

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